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In the world of Connected Things

We help connect your machines and sensors

So you can realize the value of IoT by solving the difficult connectivity problems in the most difficult environments and moving from pilot to production

We may have a unique name...

But We Build Unique Sensor, Connectivity, and Data Solutions That Help Your Business Grow

Over 50 years of telecommunications, networking, software, sensor, and embedded hardware development.

We Solve Real IoT Problems and get you past the pilot phase

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Our mission is to become a flexible innovator for IOT devices, low-power + low-cost connectivity, and new applications to solve unique challenges. We want to solve the problem not just develop yet another IOT development platform. Our solutions include low-cost and low-power embedded computing devices utilizing the latest in multi-radio LPWan, Narrowband, and LTE wireless technologies, transmitting small amounts of data to overcome device scaling challenges in remote areas.

Our Focus Markets

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Agriculture and Smart Farming
  • Transportation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Telemetry Networks

Solutions Integration

We partner with the best solutions and help you integrate them seamlessly so you can realize the value of IoT


We are a LoRaWAN operator in North America and can provide a diverse array of other connectivity solutions from LEO Satellite to LTE/5G and soon Private CBRS/LTE/5G products.


Do you have a solution and just need help getting from pilot to production? Do you need help building an IoT strategy? Our decades of experience in IoT and networking can help

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Jointly driving successful deployments

We only partner with the hardware and software vendors we trust. They trust us that we will design and build the right solutions to make our customers successful. It is this two-way trust and the right solutions that makes us unique and successful.

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