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The most advanced Air Quality sensor
Built for Wildfires and extreme conditions

Wildland Fire Real-time Smoke & Air Quality Monitoring System

Thingy:AQ is a real-time Wildland Fire Smoke + Air Quality monitoring and telemetry system. Originally developed to provide information to first responders and firefighters combating Wildland Fires / Bush fires, the system has been expanded to be a lightweight and easily deployable air pollution monitoring solution that can be installed permanently or quickly during wildland fires or other air quality events.

Thingy:AQ was originally designed by engineers and firefighters in response to the EPA and their US Federal partners in the “Wildland Fire Sensors Challenge”

Core Features


Ultra low-power sensor nodes measure air pollutants including fine particulate matter PM2.5, PM10, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Ozone. The sensor nodes also measure air temperature, humidity and geo-location data. The gas sensors are precalibrated digital sensors at the factory to eliminate field calibration.


Each device not only logs sensor measurements locally to a memory card but can also transmit entries to other systems over local USB, UART, or I2C interfaces. New for 2019 is the ability to transmit entries in real-time over a standard SDI-12 interface for integration into existing data loggers or weather station networks.


Originally built around ultra low-power and long-range LoRaWAN technology to send data from multiple Sensor Nodes to optional Central Nodes as efficiently as possible. Now both standalone Sensor and Central Nodes can be expanded to utilize LTE, NB-IoT, LTE-Cat-M1, and Iridium to send data to any location around the globe.


Telemetry and Radios

Wildland or Bush Fires often occur in areas that lack communications infrastructure. There is little point in implementing a real-time monitoring and telemetry system solely dependent on a service provider’s GSM network if the service provider cannot guarantee ubiquitous coverage of the target area. The approach we have taken with Thingy:AQ uses LoRa (Long Range) telemetry from the Sensor to a Central Nodes(s) using LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) protocols. LoRa is renowned for Long Range, Low Cost and Low Power consumption characteristics.
Sensor Nodes and Central Nodes now support a modular radio for maximum flexibility and remote telemetry options. Each packet contains geolocation and all data in a binary encoded format for maximum transmission efficiency over LoRa, LTE, and Satellite.

Radio Options:
LoRa and LoRaWAN (915MHz)
Iridium Short Burst Message Service (SBMS)

Our Benefits

Utilize the latest in low-cost
precalibrated sensors that require no field calibration.

Latest in LP-WAN, LoRaWAN, Narrowband LTE and Iridium satellite connectivity for the most difficult locations.

Use our vast experiences in sensor networks, radio technologies, practical experiences in firefighting, and rapid innovation cycles.

Sensor mounted to an optional mast and with a solar panel
  • Lightweight and easily deployable air pollution monitoring solution that can be deployed permanently or during a fire or air quality event.
  • Supports multiple Sensor Nodes and optional Central Nodes or receiving units
  • Flexible radio options with the latest in LP-WAN, LTE, and satellite technologies
  • Built “Firefighter Proof” for simple operation during high-risk events

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