About Us

Two co-founders, Andrew (left) and Scott (right), started Thingy in a garage solving problems with simple and scalable solutions. Over 50 years of combined experience building telecommunications systems, embedded platforms, and environmental sensor networks for many public + private industries. Following a passion for technology being applied to decades of firefighting and outdoor sensor network experience.

We do design, development, and production of environmental real-time data acquisition and telemetry systems that are designed to run unattended for long periods in remote locations.

Our mission is to become a flexible innovator for IOT devices, low-power + low-cost connectivity, and new applications to solve unique challenges. We want to solve the problem not just develop yet another IOT development platform.Our solutions include low-cost and low-power embedded computing devices utilizing the latest in multi-radio LPWan, Narrowband, and LTE wireless technologies, transmitting small amounts of data to overcome device scaling challenges in remote areas.