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Second Place in the EPA Wildfire Sensors Chellenge!

Shout out to the winners of our #WildlandFireSensors Challenge who advanced new and innovative technologies to monitor air pollutants from smoke during wildland fires: #AirSensorsInternational2018 @SENSIT_USA @thingyiot @KunaK_sensing — US EPA Research (@EPAresearch) September 13, 2018

Advancing Sensor Technology to Monitor Wildfires

Article about the Wildfire Sensor Challenge from the EPA. We are still waiting to hear results but are excited for the opportunity.

Prototypes Shipped to EPA Labs

For the past 100 hours we have assembled, debugged, rebuilt, designed on the fly, debugged more, cursed hundreds of times, ran out of parts, soldered and soldered and soldered, 3D printed parts on the fly, used every tool in our shop, drank massive amounts of Pepsi Max and down to the wire, literally a small wire, have

Product Design in 3D

Sometimes it takes several iterations to rapidly prototype a product design. For us this is not just packaging or an enclosure but a flow chamber key in the correct measurements of gasses and particulates. Lots of iterations.

Particulate Filter Design

It is the little things that sometimes make a difference. As in little bugs! The smallest of critters entering a small air quality sensor can really mess with the sensitive components for counting smoke particles. We built a low-cost multi-stage filter from 10 to 300 micron that are simple to swap in the field. No

EPA Wildfire Challenge

Proposals submitted to the EPA’s Wildfire Challenge! Next step is finalizing the prototype sensor and gateway for lab trials in January. Stay tuned!

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