This is the third generation of the successful SODAQ ONE board with US 915MHz LoRa radio.

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This is the US version (915MHz)


This is the third generation of the successful SODAQ ONE board. It is equipped with a solar charge controller and runs on a LiPo or a permanent battery. It has the Ublox Eva 8M GPS module which is not only miniature but with it’s assisted GPS feature it can get a fix within seconds. They’ve now added an extremely low power Accelerometer/Magnetometer. This gives the board a nifty feature where it can stay in (deep) sleep mode until it moves. An essential feature for developing low power devices.Let’s imagine you want to develop a bicycle tracker using the SODAQ ONE. You would like to track the position of the bike, but only when it has moved. This is possible if you keep the device in deep sleep until it detects motion. If the motion continues for a while, the bicycle may have changed position so only then the GPS will switch on to get a new reading and send this location over the LoRa network. Efficient right? This system will allow you make most efficient use of your battery capacity by only using the GPS when really needed, essentially increasing the battery life of your system.

The board is so small (45×25 mm) you can fit it inside almost anything (Seriously, look at the picture). To ease the development they have fitted two rows of headers so you can use it on a breadboard. Why? Well, it has 14 free I/O lines that you can use for your own purpose. Whether you want to build a weather station, control street lights or get a signal when you have received (snail) mail. It’s all possible with the SODAQ ONE.

New in this version is that they have added JST headers (receptacles) so you can now directly plug in a LiPo battery and Solar Panel if you like.

Here’s an overview of the features:

MicrocontrollerATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
CompatibilityArduino M0 Compatible
Size45 x 25 mm
Operating Voltage3.3V
I/O Pins14, All can be used for digital and 12 log with PWM, UART, SPI and TWI (I2C)
Analog Output Pin10-bit DAC
External InterruptsAvailable on all pins
DC Current per I/O pin7 mA
Flash Memory256 KB
EEPROMUp to 16KB by emulation
Clock Speed48 MHz
Debug Serial Wire Interface
Power 5V USB power and/or 3.7 LiPo battery
Charging Solar charge controller, up to 500mA charge current
LoRa MicrochipRN2903A
GPS uBlox EVA 8M
USB MicroUSB Port

To view more information about the SODAQ ONE, such as how to get started and further specifications, visit the SODAQ support page here

Intended use
The SODAQ ONE is a development/evaluation tool intended for the evaluation of Microchip wireless modules in a Research and Development laboratory environment. It is not a Finished Appliance. Manufacturers who integrate SODAQ ONE in a Finished Appliance must take responsibility to follow regulatory guidelines, for example for CE marking and and EC compliance .