Thingy: AQ Gateway


Thingy:AQ Gateway – The Wildland Fire Real-Time Monitoring System Gateway

The AQ Gateway collects real-time air quality measurements from multiple AQ Sensors during a wildland fire event, storing locally and transmitting optionally to an external device or communications backhaul link.

LoRa 915MHz radio telemetry enabled to receive data streams from AQ Sensors and upgradable to the latest in LTE technologies to connect to the Internet or Cloud data service.

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Thingy:AQ Gateway – The Wildland Fire Real-Time Monitoring System Gateway

The Thingy:AQ system has been designed to be lightweight and rapidly deploy-able by a single, non-specialist operator and to be suitable for harsh wildfire environments.

Our AQ Gateway, based on the same hardware as a sensor node minus the sensors, is powered by an external power source which can be a nominal 110V AC or from a 9V to 18V DC external source like a solar panel. The Thingy:AQ system requires minimal infrastructure and operator effort to set-up, operate, and decommission. The system should be capable of operation for a minimum of 15 days without operator maintenance in harsh environments. The AQ Gateway and Sensor Nodes can be optionally augmented with an external power source and/or solar panels. In this scenario the system is capable of operating for many months without user intervention.

The AQ Gateway stamps each received data record from hundreds of sensors with a time stamp, logs the data to a local microSD card, and forwards the data out of one of the local interfaces including USB serial port, Bluetooth and WiFi. The AQ Gateway can also be configured to be a WiFi access point for for remote access to the data dashboard. No Internet connectivity is required for this feature.

The data transmission is via a long range low power radio link utilizing the LoRa platform from the AQ Sensor Nodes to the AQ Gateway unit. LoRa uses the unlicensed radio spectrum in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands to enable low power, wide area communication between remote sensors and gateways and is capable of line of sight communications well in excess of 15km. In the US the frequency used by the Sensor Nodes is in the 915MHz band. The AQ Gateway unit is capable of storing months of data on its microSD card.

LoRa is not the oly option for wireless telemetry between the AQ Sensor nodes and the AQ Gateway. We also have options for LoRaWAN connectivity, NB-IoT (CAT-NB1) in the US, LTE CAT-M1 in the US and 3G/GPRS. These additional radio upgrades allow for flexible real-time streaming telemetry to a cloud data service for real-time analytics of your sensor network.

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